About Me

Karen C Laird

Shade Tree Blogging and Book Review Services

First pictures of me as a baby and toddler include books.  That love of stories never went away.  My first day of school was a disaster because I did not come home from school ready to read all the books I had lined up.  Mrs. Cooper, my wonderful first grade teacher started with the “ABC’s”… School was a waste of time.  I was introduced to Dick and Jane the next day and my love affair with books grew exponentially. 
I spent countless hours volunteering in the school library from fifth grade, all the way through high school.  Filing away books in the stacks offered great opportunities to explore and find new reads.
Writing came hand-in-hand with the reading.  Short stories and poetry were what seemed to tumble off the end of my pen when I found myself doodling and day dreaming.  I still enjoy writing the short stories and essays, along with an inspirational poem on occasion.
Now that I am retired/disabled, I am able to pick my love of reading and writing back up.  I am also able to utilize the skills I acquired from my years of working to provide substantive editorial and beta reading services. 

College offered me new directions and though it took me twelve years to finally hold the piece of sheep skin.  I ended up with a minor in English to go with my studies in Opera and Music Education from Eastern New Mexico University in 1991. 

During my work career I spent ten years working for Santa Fe, The State of New Mexico, and Tribal government in administrative services performing a variety of duties.  We always laughed that it was my job to work myself out of a job. The last job I held was as the Lead Account for a Petroleum Company that merged with another company.

I have always been actively been involved in my community. Through out the  years I have volunteered at and served on the board of various groups.
 ·       Prince State Ballet Parents Association Board
·       Christian Law Enforcement Summit Board
·       Engine House Theatre (Volunteer Staff)
·       NM State DFA work-group to develop a front end load accounting software for budgetary requisition system 
·       Habitat for Humanity full-time volunteer for four and a half years

·       Database design from end user perspective, implement and train staff in use of database
·       Infrastructure development for new State Agency
·       Budgetary preparation for legislature
·       Prepare and write legislation for Agency
·       Create Policies and Procedures
·       Locate and obtain funding sources
·       Supervise Bookkeeping Staff (15)
·       Financial Reports
·       Systems Admin for WAN and Acc-Sys
·       Merge two companies accounting systems
·       Implement Wide Area Network
·       Piano and Voice Performance, on occasion