Monday, October 6, 2014

On Princess Brides and Books about them NEW RELEASE

Princess Brides 
Books and Movies
This was our family's best loved book and movie of all time. When they were in grade school, we spent over a month taking turns reading it out loud every evening (with voices and occasional characterizations).  Once they reached their teen years, this love affair with Onigio Montoya, Princess Buttercup, and the Great Dredd Pirate Roberts did not lessen.  The reading moved over to a copy of a movie manuscript that they managed to obtain.  With lines memorized, costumes donned, and movie playing on the TV in the background (or just out in a nearby park) they became The Princess Bride.  They lived the great fire swamp, and all the other perilous obstacles they had to overcome to finally reach the perfect kiss, the perfect love, and live happily eve after (oh, that's another story and movie).  
Even now that they are grown and have families of their own, this much loved book and movie has been passed down like a cherished family tradition. 
So many of us have seen the Princess Bride movie over and over.  We can quote our favorite lines (over and over LOL).  But as wonderful as the movie is, to find true enjoyment, you must find yourself  lost between the covers of Princess Bride.  For it is there you will find the answers to many of the questions that have plagued you all these years.  Find a copy and enjoy a land of perfection where dreams really do come true. I promise, it will bring a smile to your day for weeks to come, and you will once again be quoting Montoya, Roberts and all the other heroes & villians hidden in the pages.



What a treat to finally read about some of the background details. I can hardly wait to read As You Wish.