Monday, February 9, 2015

One Last Thing

Rebecca St. James

There is nothing like the weeks before the wedding, especially one that has been years in the making.  All the “I’s” have been dotted, the “T’s” crossed.  Everything is set and you are finally going to marry the man of your dreams, then suddenly, harshly, everything you thought you knew about your fiancé turns out to be a sham.  He is not the man he has put himself to be.  Your world comes tumbling down around you into tiny shards so small, even Humpty Dumpty’s army could never pick it up and put it all back together again.
To make matters worse, you have promised not to speak of why to anyone, not ANYONE. So now this has become your burden, your shame, and you must carry it alone.  Why?  You have suddenly become the bad guy, and the hole gets deeper and darker. 
What is different about this story is the point-of-view.  We hear how Porn affects men and tears their relationships apart and destroys their lives.  But this story is focused, not on “his” story, but on “her” story.  It is about the great harm it does to the woman and her lonely isolated battle of shame, denial, silence, and depression that often draw her down as she is shamed into helping to keep the secret for any number of reasons.
This One Thing is a poignant story of a young lady faced with the startling revelation that her fiancé of great moral stature is in fact in the clutches of Pornography.  Her story is the shared story of so many women who face the shame and despair of dealing with a significant other or spouse who find themselves stuck in the cycle of porn by a family member.  They most often find themselves hiding it from family, friends, and society.
This book is a message of hope for women who are hurting.  It is a book of encouragement to seek support and assistance in the face of ridicule, for that is where true help and healing will be found.  Most of all, in reaching out as women, we find that we are not alone. 
This is not an easy book to read because of the subject matter, but I strongly recommend the book as a good resource and encouragement.  I am thankful for Rebecca St. James having the courage to tackle such a difficult subject and do justice to the subject matter while maintaining the integrity of a wonderful storyline that was full of hope.

Christian Fiction  Five Stars
One Last Thing was provided by Net Galley to read for this review.

Rebecca St. James is a Grammy and Dove Award recipient and a best-selling author whose books include Wait for Me and What Is He Thinking? Her leading role in the film Sarah’s Choice won critical acclaim. A passionate spokesperson for Compassion International, more than 30,000 children have found sponsorship through her worldwide concerts. Twitter: @RebeccaStJames Facebook: RSJames