Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What Kind of Reader Are You? - Guest Post


Today I want to welcome my good friend and historical/sci-fi fantasy author, L.Z. Marie.  She is the author of the Merkabah Series  and is currently working on a historical novel.  
Today, L.Z. Marie has graciously taken a break from her busy writing and teaching schedule to share with us.  Thank you, my lady.

L.Z. Marie

We all have our own reading styles and preferences. Some will read anything, while others stick to a favorite genre. You can read a book fast, skimming over the paragraphs or take it slow, savoring the words in a well-crafted sentence.
What kind of reader are YOU?
GenreWhore: Mystery, Action, SciFi, Romance, Historical, Paranormal, non-fiction—these folks don’t care what genre they read, they just need a book—NOW! Any book will do! They’re easy with formatting too. Ebook or hard copy, it matters not, both will satisfy.
E-sexual: Hard copies? Puleeeze! So old school! This reader craves the instant gratification that can only be accomplished by downloading a book whenever and wherever the mood strikes. Downloading two or more is even better—throw in a promoted freebie and it’s oh baby, yeah! Ebooks provide clandestine reading, they’re cheap ( or free ), and don’t take up room on your nightstand. Readers On The Go don’t have time for lugging books around. Another bonus, people can’t see you’re a Genre Whore.
LiteratureDom: These folks scoff at fun “beach reads.”  They demand agonizing symbols, tormenting themes, stinging allusions, and a well-bound plot. An unreliable narrator and taboo subject matter will have them begging for more. They’re not truly satisfied until they have wrestled every nuance from the tale and recruited a literature virgin into their literati lair.
NovelMadonna: Faithful to their genre, these readers know a good thing when they see it and get maximum pleasure from being true to their genre companion. Should one of their novels veer from the expected story arc they show compassion, mercy, and forgiveness. These readers often pray for the release of new titles from their favorite authors.
AuthorSlut: These folks latch onto one author and devour every book they’ve written in record time. “I love this author!” they coo to friends and family. They read the author’s blog, Amazon author page, FaceBook Fan page, follow them on Twitter, and seek them out at book signings. But when they’ve exhausted the author’s novels and are only left with “Coming Soon” promises  they move onto the next author to repeat the cycle.
Bestseller-ophile: If the book is not on the New York Times or USA Today’s best seller list, they ain’t reading it. Period. End of story. They only buy books from the high visibility ( and most expensive to place) bookstore locations—the end caps of bookshelves, promotional tables, the best seller section, high stacks, and/or if the cover is facing out.They wholeheartedly agree with the buzz generated by guerrilla marketing techniques and can talk intelligently about the hot new titles at any social gathering. They do not often bother with reading the author’s older titles and tend to be GenreWhores.
PaperPredator: The feel of the paper caressing their fingers, the sweet swoosh as they turn the page, the first crease in the binding, the delirious whiff of paper and ink. Ah! These readers will spend money for a real book! They lust for substance, heft, paper thickness, artful layout, and font styles. Real books are works of art to be enjoyed multiple times and multiple ways. Fold their pages, annotate them, use them—they plead for the pleasure of your hands. Ebooks are nothing more than technological imposters. Bah!

Did you choose one? Or are you a bit of 

About L.Z. Marie

I began writing the moment I was able to hold a crayon. I scribbled stories in elementary school, penned personalized silly tales for my friends in middle school, and joined the school newspaper in high school.
A part time job as a clerk for the local library located just  through the woods behind my house allowed ample time to wander up and down the musty wooden shelves—it was a very old library.

I attended the University of Utah for a few years until learning took a backseat to rearing four children. Luckily, I managed to squeeze in frequent trips to the library, checking out the maximum number of books each visit.
Flash forward a few years and I found myself returning to school to complete my literature degree. Teaching, more schooling, and mommy duties kept me running through the day. The moment my children were able to forage for their own food and the day after receiving my Masters, I plunged head first into my passion—writing novels. I haven’t stopped writing since.
By day, I teach literary craft and authorial technique in the International Baccalaureate program. A drive on the harrowing Southern California freeway takes me back home where I write, blog, and avoid housework.
 To date, I’m working on a second historical fiction novel. I love connecting with folks on Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, & Pinterest.
I have a weakness for a nice glass of wine, good chocolate, ice cream, and cheese, and cupcakes, and…um well, you get the point. Exercise? Not so much. The treadmill sits in the garage where I manage to climb aboard a few times a week and attempt to catch up on what everybody else is talking about.
Folks ask about my inspiration for the Merkabah Series. That’s an easy question to answer! I’ve always been amazed by the links between ancient history and mythology. The two are so closely intertwined we don’t often make a distinction between them. And modern scientific theories only continue to prove the existence of the weird and fantastical! As a  whimsical wordsmith who relishes writing that transcends the blight of the banal, the Merkabah Series tosses science and mythology  into a cosmic salad—sprinkled with a hint of spicy seduction.
An avid reader, I savor well crafted, witty prose that makes me laugh, challenges conventionality, and stirs the imagination. An intriguing mystery-thriller, historical fiction, or urban fantasy will have me reading into the wee hours of the night.
I simply adore too many novels to name!
Quick facts:
too tall
too opinionated
Type A
mocha drinker
analyze literature for a living in the highly-acclaimed International Baccalaureate Program
history buff
always searching for the perfect purse
plan on traveling to exotic destinations…one day
can’t hit a note- so no karaoke for me
believe in the power of humor
lifelong dieter
have a  B.A. in English Literature and a Masters in Curriculum & Instruction

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