Monday, March 23, 2015

The Pearl Locket - A Book Review


Katherine McGurl


We’ll Meet Again…
When Ali inherits her great-aunt’s house she immediately moves her whole family in, despite the warnings that there is something strange about the place. Unfazed Ali begins redecorating, going through the rooms, making each one her own with the help of her daughter, Kelly. But when under the wallpaper in Kelly’s new room they discover a scrawled message from 1944 Ali begins to question the history of the house as she knows it.
Her family has always seemed so picture perfect, not a blemish or a secret to be found. Yet, this discovery throws her into confusion and Ali begins to question exactly what she knows about her family and the mysteries they have kept hidden…

I love historical romance novels and love era romance novels … okay, I am a romantic at heart.  The Pearl Locket was a delightful story of love under duress as young hearts fight against parental constraints that keep them apart during WWII.
After moving into her great aunt’s home that her mother had inherited that had been the family home that her grandmother had grown up in, Kelly found her perfect bedroom.  When she discovers Joan love Jack” written on the wall of her room underneath some peeling wallpaper, she finds she is drawn more and more to finding who Joan and Jack are.
While never going through the mechanizations of what you would expect for a paranormal novel, there was no missing the experience of watching the 21th century young teenage girl falling under the influence of someone or something from the past.  The storyline was well written, just like in real life, none of the family, nor did Kelly (the teenage girl) understand what was happening.  Kelly only knew she had to find out who Joan was and what happened to her and Jack.
The novel was well crafted with the two storylines inter-twined and moving between WWII and current day as more was discovered about Joan and Jack and back to the past, as their love story progressed.  The connection between the two was masterful and held my attention all the way to the end with a wonderful surprising ending.
The Pearl Lock cost me a night’s sleep, for I looked over and it was three in the morning and I forced myself to finish it the next day.  The sentiment of the love story wrenched my heart time and again as I watched Joan and Jack struggle with finding a way to make life happen for themselves.  I would rate this novel a full FOUR PLUS STARS.  I highly recommend it to fans of historical romance or pararomance. 

Kathleen McGurl lives in Bournemouth, UK, with her husband and teenage sons. She always wanted to write, and for many years was waiting until she had the time. Eventually she came to the bitter realisation that no one would pay her for a year off work to write a book, so she sat down and started to write one anyway. Since then she has published two novels with Carina UK and self-published a third. She has also sold dozens of short stories to women's magazines, and written three How To books for writers. She works full time in the IT industry and when she's not writing, she's often out running, slowly.

Twitter: @KathMcGurl

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