Thursday, November 20, 2014

Hostile Beauty Series - BEAUTY MARK

Beauty Mark
Jan Moran

The second book in Jan Moran’s Hostile Beauty Series, Beauty Mark, is the continued story of the beauty industry from the inside out, but this time from the viewpoint of Scarlett Sandoval, a high-end corporate lawyer.  Unlike the heroine in Flawless, Scarlett was not born to privilege and did not live in one of those fabulous homes in Beverly Hills, with locking gates. 
Scarlett, our heroine, was raised in the Barrio of Los Angeles. After the death of both her father and brother, she became focused on success. It was only with brains, scholarships, and student loans that she was able to move up and out to the Ivy League schools and law firms.  After years of hard work she could finally see the coveted “partnership”.  Then the veneer of the glossy life and success started to crack in front of her eyes. 
With a stage set, once again for a fabulous novel, Jan Moran did not disappoint her readers.  It wasn’t until I read Beauty Mark that I realized how much of the character’s personality ran over into even the writing style of the book, itself.  Where Flawless had this polished elegant presence throughout the book and in the way Ms. Moran wrote.  You could feel the old world elegance and prestige. 
Not so in Beauty Mark.  Even though our heroine was brilliant, educated and, confident with the powerful people she worked with; there was still a raw rough edge to her.  You could almost feel her Latino blood running hot, with the angst and turmoil running just beneath the surface of the page.  This was felt both in the character’s persona and in the writing.  I could almost sense that the writer’s pen held a secret just waiting to scribble out across the page, but couldn’t quite get there yet.  Before it could, something else would happen, forcing the heroine and the story to go another direction. 
The overlying love story that spilled into the middle of a major life crisis for the heroine with no one less than the coveted brother’s best friend, added even more edginess and angst to a bad situation. He had also moved up in the world and became the head maître d’ at the Beverly Hills Hotel Polo Club.  How can a person keep priorities straight and think clearly when hormones are out of control?
The depth of industry and workplaces issues that were addressed within context, were handled wonderfully and with vivid detail to what many women deal with on a daily basis.  A job well done.  A story well written, left this reviewer eager for the upcoming offerings of this series.
Beauty Mark is a definite recommendation to read, alone or as a part of the series. 

In celebration of the release of Beauty Mark, Jan Moran is having a drawing for a free signed copy of her first two books, Flawless and Beauty Mark. CLICK HERE to link to the site to register for the drawing and to sign up for Ms. Moran’s newsletter.  There is also a free book giveaway for Beauty on Goodreads.

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