Sunday, January 11, 2015


Shade Tree Book
Reviews and Blog
by  Karen Laird

I have looked at my reading schedule for the upcoming weeks and things are looking really cool for Shade Tree Book Review and Blog on Facebook and @  Books to look forward to for reviews include:
Linda Root's historical novel The Midwife's Secret
New author Michael Kroft's novel Still on Herring Road
Introducing Jan Moran and her Debut Novel - Destined for Dreams
Judy Croome from South Africa and her wonderful new novel Dancing in the Shadows of Love
Jane Goodger with her historical novel The Spinster Bride.
We look forward to bringing these new and exciting authors to you.  Their stories cover a wide range of time in history and cover stories from the many distant corners of the earth.  What fun to journey through time and across cultures through the penned works of author's imaginations that allows us to glimpse into times and places we can only dream of.
If I am fortunate, a friendly visit with an author or two may be included with their book reviews, as I have had the privilege of making the acquaintance of several of my guest authors along the way.  I have found that a book review over a virtual cup of coffee or tea is far more rewarding and enjoyable than just pounding out my opinion of the book on my trusty laptop.
Talk to you soon.  I have missed being here.