Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Little Blue Truck

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Little Blue Truck

I know that I don’t normally do reviews on children’s books, but this Christmas I came across a book that has taken our house by storm.  Little Blue Truck is a story about a friendly little blue pick up truck and a big yellow dump truck, along with a few barnyard animals.  None of the characters are really big on long speeches and even big on words.  Each of the animals know what they say, the little blue truck says “Beep”, and the big Dump says “HONK”.  But what is most important is that they have a lot to say about how to treat other people in kindness, through action.
As an adult, I can talk all day about a children’s book, but I had two young readers at Christmas that provided me with a review that I could not have otherwise imagined.
Reader One – Dakota, age two.
When I first found this book, I bought it for my young nephew who I had never met. He is a shy two year old and a man of very few words.  After reading through the book, I loved the story and loved the bright illustrations that filled the pages with life that a pre-schooler can comprehend.  The day I introduced Dakota to Little Blue Truck, his doe eyes widen with the reading of the first page.  The normally silent young man immediately started to repeat the sounds that Little Blue made and turned to his dad saying “Azul, Azul”, pointing at the truck.  (Oh yes, even though he is the silent type, he is also bi-lingual.) His dad looked over Dakota’s head with tears in his eyes.  It was Dakota who later pointed out to us that it was raining on the page when he kept pointing at the page and saying “agua.”  By the end of the day, we had managed to read through Little Blue Truck four or five times, with all the sound effects and with much giggling.  He had a new friend and a new aunt, both were wonderful things in my eyes.
Reader Two – William, age fourteen months.
After the wonderful experience with Dakota, I decided to buy Little Blue Truck, again, for our young grandson for Christmas.  Christmas morning the living room was all awash with paper, ribbon, boxes and toys.  When the box with Little Blue Truck was opened, William happened to be sitting in my lap, “JOY”.  I immediately opened the book to show it to him while waiting for his next gift.  Once again, the eyes opened wide with the opening lines and sounds of the first page.  “little blue truck goes BEEP.”  He looked at me, smiled and said “Bip”.  I knew he was hooked.  He sat mesmerized all the way through the book.  When I got to the page where the big dump truck came through with a “HONK!!!”  He laughed, and tried his best to honk, and made me repeat it several times.  He loves his dump truck.  All the way to the end of the book, he followed Blue and Dump, then flipped the book back to the beginning. 
More presents came along, but he kept coming back to Little Blue Truck.  

by Alic Shertle and Jill McElmurry
Now weeks later, Little Blue Truck still comes out several times a day to be read.  It has become his favorite book. 
Kevin, William’s four year old brother loves the book almost as much as his younger brother.  I ran across a floor sized copy of the book and got it for Kevin, who loves the book very much and enjoys the huge pages.
I would recommend this book for any person wishing to entice their young toddler with a book.  The focus is on sounds, but has a wonderful, simple story of kindness and taking care of your friends.  The language is straight forward and is not lost on the young reader.

Our entire family awards this book SEVEN stars out of FIVE stars.