Monday, January 19, 2015

The Spinster Bride

Jane Goodger

Nothing makes for a more fun historical romance novel than one set in the time period of the late 1800s, centered on the pomp and circumstance the most pompous English peerage of the times.  During this said time, nothing was worse than to be twenty-two or three years old and a single female of title with no prospects in sight. 
Enter one very ancient twenty-four year old beautiful single titled Lady with a younger brother “the Lord” of the household and a domineering mother who is on the hunt for “THE” titled husband for her daughter.  Not to mince words, or waste time dancing around the ballroom, Ms. Goodger spins us off on one of the most fun, wild courtships I have read in a long time.
Instead of proposing marriage to the beauty at the ball, who accosts him in the darkened garden, the accosted handsome party goer, surprises the heroine with a proposal to a totally different tune.  Her brother owes him an inordinate some of money for a gambling debt and in return for her assistance in helping him to acquire a bride by the end of The Season, he will forgive the brother’s debt, in full.  The only problem is, things went awry along the way, and the best laid plans of this Gentleman and Lady took turns and found endings that neither dreamed would ever happen.    
As with any good historical romance, The Spinster Bride is full of balls, beautiful gowns, handsome men, and lots of ton gossip and intrigue.   There is also a second back story of the heroine’s mother and her maligned courtship sprinkled through the main story line.  This adds some depth to the story and some depth to some characters that could otherwise have been considered rather shallow. 
As indicated in the book’s title, yes, the spinster does get the groom.  But the trip to the Alter is an entertaining one for the reader.  The story is just enough different from the average historical romance peerage fare as to keep the reader turning the page to see what trouble the characters have fallen into next.  A little mystery, a lot of humor, a good bit of bedroom time (in and out of the bedroom), and a lot of innuendo in between keeps the dialogue hot and steamy.  So, yes, there is explicit between the pages. 
A good weekend read, with an explicit warning for those who prefer the tamer fare.  With this codicil, I give this a good 4.5 Stars.